County Kids Club


  • A great way to teach your child about the importance of saving while making it fun.
  • Check out the news in our quarterly County Kids Club newsletter – just for kids!
  • Enroll in our  County Kids Club and  youth can learn the importance of systematic savings.
  • Set up payroll deduction to your child’s account so the money is there when college rolls around.
  • Earn interest once your balance reaches $100.00 and receive special gifts as your deposits grow.
  • Open a County Kids Club account and start saving with our nifty FWCCU Piggy Bank!



Student Checking

A perfect way and SMART CHOICE to learn how to manage and balance a checking account and to budget your spending that is free and offers all the benefits of a regular checking account.

  • Available to all students 14 years and older that have appropriate ID
  • Parental agreement needed for youths younger than 18

Student Visa

It just makes sense for your college-bound student.  Start them out right with using credit wisely, while enjoying a modest $250* credit limit for those important campus purchases and personal expenses.   Student Visa card has the same, affordable low-interest rate and no annual fee – same as our Visa Classic.  A Student Visa, the smart decision for your student!   Apply today!

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