Card Valet

Show Fraud Who's Boss. CardValet  iBank Anywhere

Manage your debit card on your terms when and where you are;  you have control over your card 24/7 with Card Valet


  • Turn your debit card on when you need it and off when you don’t. If you lose it turn it off and when you find it turn it back on
  • The control logo on the card changes color from green to red when turned off and back to green when turned on
  • Members can add memos or tags to each transaction to better identify the transaction at a later time
  • Get real-time balances and transactions on your account
  • Establish transaction controls for dollar amount limits, merchant categories and geographic locations
  • Receive alerts when your debit card is used, approved, declined or exceeds the transaction controls set by you
  • Stay informed of potential fraud with alerts on attempted and declined transactions
  • Is supported by the 2 past versions of the operating systems for Apple IOS and Android based devices, cannot be used on tablets
  • If member has forgotten their password they can click on forgot password, enter their user name, press ok and one time security token will be sent to the email address provided at registration. The security code is valid for 15 minutes
  • Get a copy of the quick reference guide on how to use Card Valet


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