E-STATEMENTiBank Anywhere

Go Green Today! Members can access their monthly or quarterly statements online

  • It is a safe and secure way of receiving your periodic statements
  • By receiving your statement electronically you alleviate the risk of having your statements taken     from your mail box.
  • By accepting your statement electronically, you receive it faster than a paper statement
  • Electronic statements help reduce your chance of becoming a victim of identity theft
  • Statements can be downloaded to your desk top for retention
  • Members can opt-out of receiving their statement electronically and return to paper at anytime
  • Members can access their statements from the home page of the website of through internet banking
  • Register for E-statements and the disclosure


CREDIT CARD Electronic Statements


Members can view their credit card transactions and statements through internet banking

  •  Click on the top menu bar within internet banking that says accounts
  •  Free to members
  •  Go to credit card statements and access all you need to know about your credit card through www.ezcardinfo.com (new window/tab)