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Your ATM/Debit card provides:

  • Access your account 24/7 free of charge in over 1100 locations in 6 states using Presto/Publix ATMs
  • No charge whether you swipe and sign or use your PIN number for transactions and get cash back when you need it
  • Deposits can be made at our Brandon or Kennedy ATM locations
  • Members can get an Instant Issue card the day they open their account or if they need a replacement card immediately.  No waiting just pick one up at any Credit Union location and go….
  • Use your new CARD CONTROLS within the mobile app to monitor your card.  If you lose it you can turn it off and when you find it just turn it back on.  Set your spending limits, get purchase alerts in real time and limit your transactions to a certain areas using your phone’s GPS
  • All cards are chip - EMV enabled to provide additional security to combat debit card fraud
  • Members can use their debit card with no worries because they are protected with ZERO liability from Visa
  • Members with the Visa debit card can receive text fraud alerts, notifying them of possible suspicious purchases. When they respond to the text from 37-268 they will be able to confirm that their Visa debit transactions are authorized!
  • Due to high fraud and security breaches in some foreign countries, purchase transactions may be blocked. Click here to see a list of countries and islands that are blocked

Lost your card or need an immediate replacement - one is available with our instant issue program. Opening a new account and you want immediate access to use your debit card; get your Instant Issue Debit Card the same day-no waiting

  • Free of charge
  • Has lower spending and ATM limits than our permanent debit, can be used anywhere at any merchant location that accepts Visa and at all our ATM’s
  • Should be destroyed when your permanent card is received in the mail
  • EMV enabled

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