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Your Florida West Coast Credit Union Visa Card really is “ Everywhere You Want To Be”.  FWCCU members have Visa Credit Card options to suit their needs and lifestyle. Your new Visa Credit Card will be EMV (chip enabled) to provide you additional security when using your card.

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Visa Classic Credit Card

The Visa Classic Credit Card* with a low, fixed annual percentage rate of 12.96% and no annual fee is perfect for everyday shopping, purchases and cash advances.

*Credit limits from $500 to $18,000 are available.

Visa Platinum Credit Card

The Visa Platinum Credit Card*, with its higher credit limit is a perfect match for members who travel or need availability of a higher credit limit. Enjoy a low, fixed annual percentage rate of 8.99% and no annual fee. Use your Visa Platinum to consolidate your higher interest credit cards, and feel confident you can make those large purchases with peace of mind.

*Credit limits from $5,000 to $18,000 are available.

Shared Secured Visa Credit Card

Our Shared Secured Visa Credit Card* is designed for those members with little or no credit, or trying to re-establish their credit. The interest rate is the same low interest rate as our Visa Classic and no annual fee. Approval is fast and easy, just deposit sufficient funds in your account and we will get you started.

*Credit limits up to $18,000 are available.

Student Visa Credit Card

A Student Visa Credit Card from your credit union just makes sense for a college-bound student. Start them out right with using credit wisely, while enjoying a modest $250* credit limit for those important campus purchases and personal expenses. Our Student Visa card has the same, affordable low-interest rate and no annual fee – same as our Visa Classic. A Student Visa, the smart decision for your student!

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