low fees to no fees. Certain fees apply to ACH related transfers, Person-to-Person Payments, and Externall Transfers. Please ask a Member Service Representative for alternative ways to send money and avoid fees

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Fee Schedule
Effective Date: August 15, 2021
General Account Fees
New Membership Fee $5.00
General Statement Copy $5.00
Single Service Fee (per month)(1) $10.00
Money Orders (per item) $1.50
Wire Transfers (incoming) $5.00
Wire Transfers (outgoing) $25.00
Returned Mail/Bad Address (per occurrence) $2.00
Official Checks - payable to members No Charge
Official Checks - payable to a third party $2.00
Negative Balance Fee (per day, if more than $5.00 negative) $1.50
IRA Levy/Garnishment (per notice) $30.00
Review of Trust Agreements, Power-Of-Attorneys, or any other member-provided documents that affect ownership and authorities $50.00
Account Activity Printout (per request - unlimited number of pages) $2.00
Notary Fee (for Non-Members)(FREE for Members) $10.00
ON-US Check Cashing (per check)(Non-Members Only) $5.00
Account Research (per hour/1 hour minimum) $15.00
Account Balancing Assistance (per hour/1 hour minimum) $15.00
Inactive Account Fee**(per month) $5.00
Account Closed within 180 Days of Opening $25.00
Returned Item - includes ACH Originiation (1st party) $25.00
Returned Item - includes ACH Origination (2nd party) $15.00
Late Loan Payment Fee*** $25.00
Federal Express Overnight Fee****** Actual Cost
Incoming Collection Cost of Collection
Outgoing Collection COst of Collection
Reopen a Share Account within 12 Months of Prior Closing $25.00
Outgoing Western Union $20.00
Mortgage Payoff (per request) No Charge
Mortgage Satisfaction $10.00
Mortgage Subordination $25.00
Electronic Title $4.50
Abandoned Property Processing $20.00
Checking Account Fees
Copy of a Paid Check (per check) $5.00
Online Copy of a Paid Check (per check) No Charge
Overdraft Fee Transaction Categories – The categories of transactions for which an overdraft fee may be imposed are those by any of the following means: share draft, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, ACH Transactions or all other electronic means.
Insufficient Funds Fee (per item, even if the same item has been presented 1 or more times)(ACH, Check, ATM, DEBIT, BILL PAY) $32.00
Online Bill Pay No Charge
Stop Payment Fee (includes range) (per item). Includes Personal Checks, ACH Debits, Online BIll Pay, Official Checks $29.00
Paid NSF (per item) Includes ACH, Personal Checks, Electronic Debit, Online Bill Pay. We do not charge a Paid NSF fee on any transaction of $10 or less $32.00
Check Printing Price varies with style selection
Online Banking, Mobile Banking, Call24, and Bill Pay No Charge
Overdraft Protection Transfer (Check, ACH, ATM, Debit, Bill Pay) $2.00
Temporary Checks (per check)(other than new account) $1.00
Merchant Return (Bill Pay) $25.00
ACH Origination through EMV $8.95
Pop Money/External Transfers per transaction 2.75 - 3 Business Day 5.0 Next Business Day
Deposit Checks Remotely No Charge
VISA Check Card Fees
ATM Transactions (at ATMs we do not own)(per transaction) $1.50
Debit NSF Transaction (per occurrance)(POS, ATM) $32.00
Overdraft Protection Transfer (POS, ATM) $2.00
Card Replacement Fee (each) $10.00
PIN Change (per occurrance through IVR) No Charge
PIN Charge at ATM No Charge
POS Transaction with PIN or Signature No Charge
Non-Member Surcharge Fee 3 (effective 6/1/2021)
ATM Transaction (At FWCCU owned machines and Publix Presto Network) No Charge
VISA Credit Card Fees
Visa Late Payment Fee (if payment is 10 or more days past due) $25.00
Returned Check Fee $25.00
Card Replacement Fee (per occurrance) $10.00
Statement Copy Fee $5.00
Visa Cash Advance TrCUVisa Cash Advance Transaction (non-members only) $5.00


Currency Conversion and International Transactions. When you use your VISA Check Card at a merchant that settles in currency other than US dollars, the charge will be converted into the US dollar amount. The currency conversion rate used to determine the transaction amount in US dollars is either a rate selected by Visa from the range of rates available in wholesale currency markets for the applicable central processing date, which rate may vary from the rate Visa itself receives, or the government-mandated rate in effect for the applicable central processing date. The conversion rate in effect on the processing date may differ from the rate in effect on the transaction date or posting date.

Visa USA charges us a 1% International Service Assessment on all international transactions regardless of whether there is a currency conversion. We pass this international transaction fee on to you. An international transaction is a transaction where the issuer of the card used is not located in the transaction country. This means an international transaction can occur even though the transaction is made when you are not in a foreign country. For example, a transaction made online with a foreign merchant is an international transaction even though made while you are physically in the United States.

*Single Service fee is waived under the following circumstances: member is under age 18; member is over age 60; account has been open less than 6 months; account has a balance over $200.00 or member has another service with FWCCU (i.e. checking, loan, credit card.)
** Account has had no activity in any suffixes for 12 months or greater and aggregate balance is less than $1,000.00.

Currency Cnnversion and International Transactions.  When you

Effective August 15, 2021