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Fee Schedule
Effective Date: August 1, 2019
General Account Fees
New Membership Fee $5.00
General Statement Copy $5.00
Single Service Fee (per month)(1) $10.00
Money Orders (per item) $1.50
Wire Transfers (incoming) $5.00
Wire Transfers (outgoing) $25.00
Returned Mail/Bad Address (per occurrence) $2.00
Official Checks - payable to members FREE
Official Checks - payable to a third party $2.00
Negative Balance Fee (per day, if more than $5.00 negative) $1.50
IRA Levy/Garnishment (per notice) $30.00
Account Activity Printout (per request - unlimited number of pages) $2.00
Notary Fee (for Non-Members)(FREE for Members) $10.00
ON-US Check Cashing (per check)(Non-Members Only) $5.00
Account Research (per hour/1 hour minimum) $15.00
Account Balancing Assistance (per hour/1 hour minimum) $15.00
Inactive Account Fee**(per month) $5.00
Account Closed within 180 Days of Opening $25.00
Returned Item - includes ACH Originiation (1st party) $25.00
Returned Item - includes ACH Origination (2nd party) $15.00
Late Loan Payment Fee*** $25.00
Federal Express Overnight Fee****** COST
Incoming Collection COST OF COLLECTION
Outgoing Collection COST OF COLLECTION
Reopen a Share Account within 12 Months of Prior Closing $25.00
Outgoing Western Union $20.00
Mortgage Payoff (per request) FREE
Mortgage Satisfaction $10.00
Mortgage Subordination $25.00
Electronic Title $4.50
Abandoned Property Processing $20.00
Checking Account Fees
Copy of a Paid Check (per check) $5.00
Overdraft Fee Transaction Categories – The categories of transactions for which an overdraft fee may be imposed are those by any of the following means: share draft, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, ACH Transactions or all other electronic means.
Insufficient Funds Fee (per item, even if the same item has been presented 1 or more times)(ACH, Check, ATM, DEBIT, BILL PAY) $32.00
Online Bill Pay**** No Charge
Stop Payment Fee (includes range)(per item) $25.00
Paid NSF (ACH, Check, Debit, Bill Pay)(per item)******* $32.00
ACH Stop Payment (per item) $25.00
Check Printing Price varies with style selection
Overdraft Protection Transfer (Check, ACH, ATM, Debit, Bill Pay) $2.00
Temporary Checks (per check)(other than new account) $1.00
Merchant Return (Bill Pay) $25.00
Bill Payment Inactive Fee (monthly)***** $5.95
ACH Origination through EMV $8.95
Deposit Checks Remotely NO CHARGE
VISA Check Card Fees
ATM Transactions (at ATMs we do not own)(per transaction) $1.50
Debit NSF Transaction (per occurrance)(POS, ATM) $32.00
Overdraft Protection Transfer (POS, ATM) $2.00
Card Replacement Fee (each) $10.00
PIN Change (per occurrance through IVR) NO CHARGE
POS Transaction with PIN or Signature NO CHARGE
Non-Member Surcharge Fee $2.00
VISA Credit Card Fees
Visa Late Payment Fee*** $25.00
Returned Check Fee $25.00
Card Replacement Fee (per occurrance) $10.00
Statement Copy Fee $5.00
Visa Cash Advance Transaction (non-members only) $5.00

*Single Service fee is waived under the following circumstances: member is under age 18; member is over age 60; account has been open less than 6 months; account has a balance over $200.00 or member has another service with FWCCU (i.e. checking, loan, credit card.)
** Account has had no activity in any suffixes for 12 months or greater and aggregate balance is less than $1,000.00.
*** If payment is 10 or more days past due.
**** Online Bill Pay is free to all members that have full direct deposit and a checking account or loan and deposit or deposit balances of $15,000.00 or more. If you are unable to meet these requirements bill pay will be $5.95 per month and all payments over 6 will be $.50 per payment.
***** Must pay at least one bill per month to receive service for free.
****** Standard overnight
******* We do not charge a Paid NSF fee on any transaction of $10.00 or less.

Effective May 1, 2019