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Reward Rate

Members will experience a unique loan program at FWCCU when it comes to obtaining the best loan rate in the market place. FWCCU rewards members with credit scores of 680 or above by shopping and qualifying members for the lowest interest rate available in the area. Past credit challenges do not equate to higher interest rates at FWCCU. Members will find that they all WIN with low interest rates on their FWCCU loans.

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Loan Discounts

Visit one of our branches to obtain detailed information on our loan discounts. Members can choose to make weekly, biweekly or monthly loan payments often lowering their interest rate and making payments more affordable. If you elect to do Direct Deposit, we will reward you with up to a 0.25% discount on your rate.  You can also receive additional discounts on your loan by utilizing the Auto Advisor Program or purchasing a Mechanical Breakdown Warranty.

Skip a Payment

Members with qualifying loans can skip one payment on their loans up to two times per year. Once, during the summer months of June and July and again during the holiday months of November, December and January. Each skip a pay request will carry a one-time processing fee and only certain types of loans will qualify for skip a pay. Interest will continue to accrue on the unpaid loan balance during the month that the payment is skipped and when payments resume the unpaid interest will be collected first. When a member chooses to skip one payment, the loan due date advances one month and this may extend the maturity date of the loan. Real Estate and Visa credit card loans do not qualify for skip a payment.

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