2022 Annual report

It has been such a pleasure to be your President/CEO for Florida West Coast Credit Union. I would like to announce I will be retiring from this wonderful Credit Union on October 27th.  

When I accepted this position in 1999, I knew this would be a special place for me. Surrounded by staff and a Board of Directors committed to member service, it has been a recipe for success for the past 24 years. I am also so very thankful for the County (Hillsborough and Pasco) groups and agencies that have supported me during my service here.

Even though, so much has changed since 1999 – mostly with technology, I’m proud to say we haven’t lost that personal touch and our in-person service.  

We did make a major change in 2022 and introduced a new look for Florida West Coast Credit Union. Same name, same organization, but a new logo! Some have asked about our decision and how it all came together for a new logo. We replaced the shadowy image of the Florida gulf coast with the look of the “membership tree.” We love the new look and we have received so many positive comments.

Simply put, the membership tree is a family tree of credit union members, with the branches representing our many branches of county government, employees, and their families. The membership tree also represents growth, as we help members achieve their financial goals to Live Better and Dream Bigger.


Florida West Coast Credit Union continues to be financially strong and well managed as evident by our financial statements. We continue to receive positive CPA audits and state and federal examinations. In 2022 we invested heavily in our staff and technology. This year we will be updating our offices with new signage and renovations.


Retiring from Florida West Coast Credit Union after 24 years will be bittersweet but I feel good leaving the place in great hands with the member service staff, Board of Directors and our Audit Committee.


We appreciate your trust and continued support. Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your President/CEO.


Mary Wood