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2021 Annual Report

We want to help our members Live Better and Dream Bigger. Your Board of Directors and staff work together to bring this purpose to everything we do at Florida West Coast Credit Union.

In 2020, your Credit Union launched two major initiatives, a totally new interactive website, and an upgraded online banking and mobile banking experience. And we did this while working through the COVID-19 pandemic and res trictions. We also reached a significant milestone of $100 million in assets!

The pandemic brought new challenges we hadn’t experienced before. Despite limiting the number of members in the branches and requiring protective face masks, we were able to keep our members and employees safe while we remained open for business. We were sensitive to members experiencing reduced income and loss of job so we provided $2.5 million in loan extensions for those who were impacted. And, when employees in the County Center began to work-at-home, our downtown branch temporarily closed. We do plan to reopen the branch soon, once employees in the County Center return. Fortunately, we relocated our downtown staff to other departments and branches at the Credit Union, and not one Florida West Coast Credit Union employee was laid off during the pandemic.

Our website ( was revamped with a new look, while showcasing our Hillsborough and Pasco County agencies that we love to serve so much. Our focus continues on serving the financial needs of Hillsborough and Pasco County employees and their families. Our website now has a modern and contemporary look, better functionality, and easy to use online account and loan applications, all with improved ADA accessibility.

We invested heavily in new technology to serve you, as more and more services rely on reliable, easy to understand, self-service banking technology. We partnered with NCR, a well-recognized name and digital leader in online banking to bring the latest banking services in a digital environment. When we converted processors on September 15, 2020, we knew there would be some bumps with requiring new passwords for member access to online accounts. But we were pleased to know we were able to convert over 70% of online banking/mobile app users within the first 30 days. And now members can be assured they have one of the safest, most secure internet banking sites that will protect their account information, privacy, and funds.

We closed 2020 with positive financial results and excellent reports from our auditors and regulatory examiners. We appreciate your trust and support, and rest assured, your funds are safe, secure, and insured with Florida West Coast Credit Union.

Thank you for being our member.

Mary Wood, President & CEO

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