2021 Annual report

First, I want to start off with saying Happy 80th Birthday Florida West Coast Credit Union! This year marks our 80th year of providing financial services to our membership, and especially our Hillsborough and Pasco government employees and their families. Stay tuned for many events planned for 2022 to celebrate our anniversary and our wonderful members.

Like other businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic impacted our operations in 2020 and continued through 2021. The biggest impact was the employment market and rising wages overall, and then the reduction of transactions, new accounts, and loans from our County Center Branch. An influx of unexpected deposit growth kept us busy balancing our asset and liability mix. 


Fortunately, our new Online and Mobile banking platforms were upgraded in 2020/2021 and provided stable service during these times. And although we were short-staffed, our employees worked diligently to provide excellent member service. In turn, we provided hourly wage increases in 2021 to reflect market conditions and this month we plan to make adjustments for our salaried employees.

We really listened to our members, and based on feedback from our 2021 Member Survey we set strategic goals. We plan to make it easier for you to transfer money from your account to another person, provide online internal transfers from account to account, and broaden employee training. Expect to see these service improvements in 2022 - 2023.


The County Center Branch reopened July 2021, and we are happily serving our downtown members on Tuesday and Friday. We are regularly evaluating the need for opening back to a Monday – Friday schedule and hope to be able to do that in 2022.


Finally, look for a new and refreshed credit union logo this year, and with it will bring an updated image for all of our Branch offices. Although we are 80 years old, we want our offices and brand recognition to feel fresh and vibrant!


Live Better and Dream Bigger! Your Board of Directors and staff work together to bring this purpose to everything we do at Florida West Coast Credit Union. And, we are happy to report we ended 2021 with good financial results and excellent reports from our auditors and regulatory examiners.

We appreciate your trust and support, and rest assured, your funds continue to be safe, secure, and insured with Florida West Coast Credit Union.

Thank you for being our member

Mary Wood