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Holiday Skip A Pay

If you need a little extra cash to celebrate the Holidays, you can skip your loan payment(s) for the months of November, December, or January. For example if you have three loans with the Credit Union, you can skip all three loan payments in November or choose to skip two payments in November and one in December or January or any combination thereof. You cannot skip more than one payment per loan during this time. All types of loans except real estate including mobile home loans, home equity lines of credit, CD secured loans, Quick Start and Visa credit cards qualify for the skip a pay program.

There is a processing fee of $28.00 for each loan you choose to skip. This can be paid with either cash or can be deducted directly from your savings or checking account at FWCCU. If you have automatic payment of your loan, the funds will remain in your savings or checking the month that you choose to skip and if you normally send in a payment just keep the money that month. If your payment is set up to come directly from your paycheck, the funds will be in your savings or checking the month that you choose to skip. You should not stop the deduction. If your loan is set up on monthly payments you will skip (1) payment, if on biweekly payments you will skip two (2) biweekly payments, if on semi-monthly payments you will skip two (2) semimonthly payments, and if your loan is set up for weekly payments you will skip four (4) weekly payments.

Skip-A-Payment Months
  • November 2023 (request must be received by Oct 25, 2023)
  • December 2023 (request must be received by Nov 15, 2023)
  • January 2024 (request must be received by Dec 15, 2023)
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