Credit Union FAQs

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General Questions


1. What is Florida West Coast Credit Union routing number?



2. How do I place a stop payment on a check or ACH?

You can call the credit union and place a verbal stop for 24 hours. You can also download the stop payment form from the website “forms and disclosures”, complete and fax to the credit union at 813-685-5202 or you can log into your account on the computer and under Check Services, place a stop payment online. There may be additional forms required depending on the type of stop payment you are placing.


3. How do I reorder checks?

You can go to the website and click on the “order checks” link at the bottom of the page or call the Credit Union to place an order.


4. If you are planning on taking a trip soon, do I need to let the Credit Union know?

It is always better to let us know when you are traveling to ensure that your debit or credit card will work without any problems. You can also use Card Valet to help manage your debit card when you travel. You can download a copy of the Guide for Card Valet through the website under E-Services. Due to high fraud and security breaches in some foreign countries, purchase transactions may be blocked. Click here to see a list of Countries and Islands that are blocked.


5. How do I add a joint owner to my account?

You can add a joint owner to an account by visiting one of our branches and completing an account change. Two forms of identification are required for the person being added to the account.


6. How do I Wire Transfer from another institution to my FWCCU account?

Please read the Incoming Wire Transfer Instructions before wiring money from another institution to FWCCU.

Electronic Services Questions

1. Where are all our ATM locations?

We have 8 locations throughout Hillsborough and Pasco County. All Presto/Publix ATM machines are free to our members. Find all of our ATM locations.


2. Can I transfer money to an external financial institution?

Yes you can transfer money through our Dash Pay program. You can access Dash Pay through internet banking under Transfers. Dash Pay allows you to transfer money to another person or to another financial institution.


3. I want to transfer funds from my account to my children’s account – or just another account. Can I do this with Online Banking or with my phone and Call24?

Yes you can! Just download the Cross Account Agreement for Online Banking and Call24, tell us what accounts you want linked and sign (notarized please if not signed in the Credit Union) and return to us.

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4. How do I change my password for internet banking?

If you have forgotten your password you can change it through internet banking however you must know all the answers to your challenge questions to do so. Just follow the prompts and click on forgot password.


5. What do I do if I forgot my challenge questions?

If you have forgotten your challenge question answers you can click on send me a bypass code to either your email address or phone and then enter the bypass code that you received into internet banking.


6. What does a transaction mean when it says pending and why is my balance at $0.00?

A transaction will reflect “pending” if the transaction is a debit card transaction that has not yet posted to your account and is pending against your balance. It will show a $0.00 balance after the transaction because it has not been deducted from your balance and is not reflected in the balance until the transaction posts to your account.


7. How do I make a deposit through my mobile device?

You can deposit checks using your smart phone to your checking account at the Credit Union. View a step by step guide on how to make the deposit.

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8. What types of checks can I deposit through remote deposit?

You can deposit personal and payroll checks to your checking account through remote deposit. The type of checks that we do not accept are cashier’s checks, official checks, money order and travelers checks.

Loan Questions


1. How to apply for a loan?

We offer several options to apply for a loan. You can do it on our website from our home page by clicking on Open a New loan and completing the loan application presented. You can print a loan application from our applications page and fax to the Credit Union at 813-685-5202 or you can call loan by phone at 813-643-5572 option 2 or you can call or visit your local branch and speak with your loan officer to apply.


2. How do I get my title once my loan is paid off?

Most titles today are electronic so you will receive a letter letting you know your loan has been paid off and instructions on how to obtain a paper title if you would like to have one. There is a $10.00 fee to obtain a paper title.


3. If I do a skip a pay how does it affect my loan term?

For every skip a pay you do on your loan it will extend the term on your loan by 1 month.


4. What does my credit score need to be in order to apply for a loan at the Credit Union?

We offer loans to members with all credit scores. We reward members with credit scores 680 or above by shopping for the best rate available in the Tampa Bay market and if your score is below 680 or you have experienced some credit challenges we are still able to help with a low competitive interest rate and affordable payment and term on your loan.